Scented Natural Soy Wax Candles in Silver Tins (8 oz), Variety of Scents Available

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By far the BEST and most ECONOMICAL way to get to know Sneaky Frog's Candles is right before your eyes!  These simple, yet elegant and carefully handmade scented natural soy wax candles not only look good, but smell GREAT!

  • These are 8 ounce scented natural soy wax candles in attractive silver metal tins with press-on lids.

  • These seamless (for no leaks!) metal candle containers have 'raised feet' to help protect surfaces from scratches and heat.  For added protection for your surfaces we recommend you take a look at the Trinity Candle Pads that we also offer.

  • Automatically SAVE MONEY when you order 2 or more of the same style candle containers!  Discounts appear automatically in your cart so it's easy to stock up on great scents and save money at the same time!

  • Free Shipping in the United States for all orders, regardless of size!  Orders with shipping weights of a pound or less ship via USPS First Class and orders with shipping weights over 1 pound ship via USPS Priority Mail -- free of charge to you!

Sneaky Frog offers many of the classic soy wax scents plus a great assortment of custom scents he cooks up in his top secret candle laboratory late at night.  All of Sneaky Frog's candles are made by hand and scented with secrets!

These are just a few of the great scents we offer, though some may not be available all the time so if we don't currently have one you want, let us know and we'll get that lazy Sneaky Frog back to work!

  • Fruity Shake - Enjoy all the goodness of a deliciously sweet, fruit flavored milkshake powered by strawberries, guava, coconut and lime in a smooth, creamy vanilla base.

  • Tropical (Tropic) Trip - Fill your glass with a treat from the tropics!  Enjoy a healthy serving of fruity sangria, lime, coconut and pineapple rounded tamped down slightly by subtle sage undertones.  This one makes you think you're back vacationing under palm trees next to the beach.

  • Breath of Fresh - Extremely inviting blend of watermint and clementine washed out to sea by waves of rose petals.

  • Nutty White Wine - Awaken your senses with a unique pairing of a crisp, slightly fruity white wine and the sweet earthiness of fresh coconut.

  • Florally Yours - Bright and vibrant Springtime aroma filled with notes of honeysuckle and lilacs coupled with the sweet deliciousness of pineapple and orange blossoms.

  • Berry Much More - You'll love this non-traditional blending of various mouthwatering berries fresh from the tree.

  • Freshly Fused Fruits - Starting with a succulent combination of strawberries and guava we dove straight into hints of melons, apples and black raspberries.  Don't worry, though, because the final hint of vanilla rounds it all out just fine.

  • Black Cherry Merlot - A deep, dark and fruity classic scent like this needs little explanation.  Just light and enjoy!

  • Bright Delight - Come alive to the crisp, clean citrus notes and sink deep into the fruity sangria body that leads you straight into relaxing tropical flavorings.  This is a bright and LOVELY scent!

  • Minted in Fire - Sweet and minty dragon breath.  Notes of sweet orange carried aloft by powerful mint & eucalyptus gets burned in the flames of sriracha.  Sneaky Frog strikes, again!

  • Wisdom 'n' Wine - Channel the knowledge and experience of Ancient Egypt while soaking in a huge glass of deep, rich merlot.

  • Cherries 'n' Snow - Sweet cherries laced with a strong, yet delicious surrounding scent.  We know this will become one of your all-time favorite scents for sure!

  • Sweet with Heat - Feel the burn of a cinnamon fireball dipped in bourbon and then get cooled off with notes of apples, maple syrup and juuuuuust a tiny touch of vanilla.

  • Bombshell - It's no secret at all that this scent explodes with a whirlwind of red currant flower and sparkling fruity accords.  This is a top seller year round!

  • Twisted Coconut - We turned plain, regular coconut into a tropical delight with tangy lime notes dancing with sweet coconut and deep bamboo.

  • Clean Cotton - Surround yourself in the fresh, clean and crisp smell of freshly cleaned linens flapping in the warm sun from a billowing breeze.

  • Cherries 'n' Grapes - Superb blend of ripe sweet grape scents paird with tart ripe red cherry aromas sure to make your mouth water.

  • Dark Secrets - Another Sneaky Frog Special!   This one's filled with delicious chocolate notes blended with hearty yet seductive merlot and dark cherries.

  • A Pretty Peach Rose - The allure of Love Spell mated with two types of subtle roses and topped off with a tiny hint of peach nectar sweetness.


Why Choose Sneaky Frog's Candles?  Let us count the ways (for you)!

  • Free Shipping in the United States for all orders, regardless of size!  Orders with shipping weights of a pound or less ship via USPS First Class and orders with shipping weights over 1 pound ship via USPS Priority Mail.

  • Sneaky Frog's Candles ONLY uses quality components like cotton & hemp wicks, natural soy wax, tested pure/safe candle scents and essential oils from reputable vendors, phthalate and heavy metal free colorants as well as sturdy, reliable candle containers that can... take the heat!