Love Spell and Bombshell.  Ring a Bell?  ;-)

Love Spell and Bombshell. Ring a Bell? ;-)

Posted by Fred ( on Aug 30th 2020

Candles. We make 'em. Sure you know that by now, right? But did you know we also make 'em with well known, very familiar scents like Love Spell and Bombshell?

Well, we do... and we have more familiar, favorite scents on the way. If there's something you love, let us know and we'll take a look around, or more likely Sneaky will reach out to one of his under swamp contacts. That Sneaky is something else, and good at what he does.

But for now, please enjoy Love Spell and Bombshell. The ones in the pic are but babies in size (4 ounces), but we have bigger! As Sneaky always says, "Go big, or... go bigger!"