What Makes Sneaky Frog Candles Better?

Posted by Fred ( on Jan 3rd 2022

One of the questions we get asked a lot is... what makes Sneaky Frog's Candles better than those we can get from [insert name of store around the corner] or how about the ones I already buy from so … read more

Instant Discount Codes and Gift Certificates

Posted by Fred ( on Aug 24th 2021

UPDATED!Always FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING and now...  Sneaky Frog has made even it easier to save money on your favorite scented natural soy wax candles!Just add another candle of any scent or style … read more
Love Spell and Bombshell.  Ring a Bell?  ;-)

Love Spell and Bombshell. Ring a Bell? ;-)

Posted by Fred ( on Aug 30th 2020

Candles. We make 'em. Sure you know that by now, right? But did you know we also make 'em with well known, very familiar scents like Love Spell and Bombshell?Well, we do... and we have more familia … read more
The Comfort of Candles

The Comfort of Candles

Posted by Fred ( on Aug 30th 2020

Candles provide more than just wonderful scent, a little bit of heat and of course light. They also give us comfort... so why not let them give us even MORE comfort by letting them tantalize our tast … read more