Sneaky Frog's Candles Now Available Online!

Sneaky Frog's Candles Now Available Online!

Posted by Fred ( on Jul 8th 2020

OK, so Sneaky took a little break from the ruthless life of getting an online presence put together.  Hey, it was FLY season and a Frog's got to EAT, ya' know?  But now, in force, he returned to the lab and made us get back to the grind.

So without further ado, Sneaky Frog's Candles has FINALLY launched its online store!  Sneaky will make us add more options in the coming days so come back soon and see what this wicked amphibian has in store for you next!

No store bought mystery-content candles from Sneaky Frog's site, that's for SURE!  Not EVER!