What Makes Sneaky Frog Candles Better?

Posted by Fred ( on Jan 3rd 2022

One of the questions we get asked a lot is... what makes Sneaky Frog's Candles better than those we can get from [insert name of store around the corner] or how about the ones I already buy from someone who sells [insert name of 'MLM' style candle company] brand candles?

Good question!  Easy for us to answer, too.

Read the labels and/or ask what the candles contain when it comes to wax, wick and scent.  If you cannot get answers, you DID just get your answers.  Those candles may contain components that could harm you, your home, your electronics and more.

Things to look out for:

  • Paraffin Wax - Candles made using paraffin wax, which is actually a petroleum byproduct, releases potentially carcinogenic compounds and soot when burned.

    The chemicals released may cause respiratory problems, aggravate allergies, irritate asthma sufferers, agitate those with lung conditions, etc.

    To make matters worse, that soot has to go SOMEwhere, so think about how it may build up on the circuit boards of all your electronics, accumulate on plastic surfaces and settle in the duct work of your home.

    Note:  ALL candles emit some amount of soot but candles made with all natural soy wax emit less soot.
  • Metal Core Wicks - Lower quality wicks tend to flop over once the wax around them softens into a liquid so rather than use better quality wicks, some companies opt(ed) to run thin pieces of metal down the centers of their wicks so they would remain upright while burning.  Commonly used metals included zinc and lead since they would 'go away' as the candle flames' heat traveled down the wicks.  But... where did they GO, is our question.

    We use only cotton/paper braided wicks that contain absolutely no metals.
  • Questionable Scent Oils - Some companies use lower quality, less expensive scent oils in their candles.

    All of the scent oils used in Sneaky Frog's Candles comply with currently accepted quality standards and we have hand selected our fragrance vendors carefully from the very beginning.

Moral of the story?  As in many aspects of life, you kinda' get what you pay for.  Candles that cost next to nothing will undoubtedly get manufactured using the least expensive raw materials options available, not last as long (we have read estimates of 30% to 50% less candle life from paraffin candles), create more soot, potentially emit harmful pollutants, etc.

And finally, though perhaps not the least important aspect of the soy waxes we use, all of Sneaky Frog's Candles get manufactured using soy wax produced from 100% US sourced soybeans.

We make Sneaky Frog's Candles using only the kinds of raw materials that we personally want in the candles we burn at home -- and we burn a LOT of candles!  :)