Welcome to Sneaky Frog's Blog!

Welcome to Sneaky Frog's Blog!

Posted by Fred ( on May 12th 2020

The question haunting most people visiting this site is is simple: What makes Sneaky Frog's Candles different than anyone else's candles?

First of all, with an amphibian at the wheel, no one can predict what scent will get made next.  Many nights Sneaky Frog sits up in a top secret lab mixing and swirling new combinations of scents just for fun.

Yeah, Sneaky Frog needs to get a life, but hey...  Sneaky Frog LOVES a good smelling candle and wants to use ONLY quality components such as all natural soy wax, cotton wicks (no metal cores!), glassware and metal containers designed specifically for candle use... and deliciously intriguing candle scents that come from reputable sources.

"No additives EVER!" screams Sneaky Frog on a regular basis.

We all know to listen or get amphibian slapped back into last week!

To sum up how Sneaky Frog makes us work each and every day, the scents we use come from reputable sources and he makes us measure them (by hand), pour them at just the right temperatures (by hand), and mix them in for just the right time (by hand).

Sneaky Frog expects his name to appear only on the simplest, most natural and delightful candles he can force us to make.

Dang it, Sneaky Frog caught us writing this post and insists we say this, so here goes:  "No mass produced, junk wax smoky candles here... that may contain, um, well things like metal wires in wicks, questionable additives, unwanted chemicals, etc. Nope! None of that from Sneaky Frog's Candles EVER!"